Thursday, June 14, 2007

Links (continued)

Science Fiction

  • At first I was surprised to learn that Fahrenheit 451 isn't really about censorship, but once Bradbury explained what it is about, I wasn't all that surprised any more. It makes perfect sense really, though I don't think it negates the book's power to say something useful about censorship.
  • There's a CGI Thundercats movie in the works.
  • It's going to be impossible to replace Yul Brynner, but the timing is about right for a Westworld remake, I think.
  • Kill All Monsters! editor Jason Rodriguez has some KAM! preview pages from the mini-series up on his blog. They're from a previous version of the script, so the language is a lot rougher than what's going to be in the final version. He also gives some nice behind-the-scenes info about some of the conversations we had in developing the book.


  • Fabian Nicieza will be writing a new Captain Action series for Moonstone. I actually pitched them an idea on this one, but I'd hire Nicieza over me too. I still really like my pitch though, so maybe I'll work it into something else. And I'll certainly be checking out Nicieza's version to see what he came up with.
  • At last, the moment I've been waiting for. Mike Weiringo's upgraded his blog so that you can link to individual posts now. Like this one with his version of Mary Marvel.

Writing is Hard

  • Paperback Writer has a ton of links to good writing blogs. I haven't checked them all out yet, but I look forward to doing that.

Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me

Okay. That catches me up with last week's news. With any luck, I'll catch up on this week's tomorrow.


Siskoid said...

Bradbury may be retconning things long after the fact. After all, why did he wait 50 years to correct academia on the meaning of the story?

I choose to think it's about both the dangers of television AND censorship (in fact how one helps the other). I think it might have started out as being about censorship and McCarthyism, but today, we can read it that other way.

It may be disingenuine of Bradbury to now say "hey, I predicted it back in 53!" Especially since he's been involved in television productions rather heavily.

Michael May said...

I hadn't considered that as a possibility, but I think you may be right. He strikes me as the kind of guy who likes an audience, so it's possible he's just trying to get attention.

Siskoid said...

Note that it invalidates any of his work!

Speaking of which, did I hear somewhere that they were making The Sound of Thunder as a film or something?

Michael May said...

Not that it invalidates any of his work!

I absolutely agree.

The Sound of Thunder as a film

I haven't heard about an upcoming version, but they did one a couple of years ago. I reviewed it here:


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