Thursday, June 21, 2007

Links: The Black Canary wedding, Bruce Campbell's new show, and a Tiempos Finales movie

I'm gonna try this without the bullet points and see if it looks less cluttered.


Frank Miller is writing an adaptation of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe mystery Trouble is My Business for the screen. Clive Owen is attached to star. It's one of the few Chandler novels that's never been made into a movie.


The next James Bond film has a director: Marc Forster. I wholeheartedly approve thanks to my love for his work on Finding Neverland. No word of a title for the film yet, but the screenplay will be (in part) by Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash), so how can it not be amazing? It's planned for release in November 2008.

Did you know that Bruce Campbell is in a new spy show on USA? How did I miss that?


The International Horror Guild has announced the 2006 nominees for its IHG Award.

Moonstone books has been caretaking the Kolchak franchise for a while. Now they're going to reprint the Jeff Rice Nightstalker novels that started the whole thing.

Sam Hiti shares a look at what he hopes might become the poster for a Tiempos Finales movie. Oh man, how cool would a big screen Mario be?

Rumors already abound about a possible sequel to the 3o Days of Night film. Unfortunately, it looks like rumors are all they are since Steve Niles doesn't know anything about it.

Science Fiction

Kill All Monsters! got a mention on the Newsarama blog. And I didn't even have to ask for it. Thanks, JK!

Remember the guy who combined Star Wars and steampunk? Here's someone else doing the same thing. Very cool.

Speaking of Star Wars, AtomFilms is looking for fan films featuring the female characters from the franchise.

Exploring Henry Jenkins' blog this morning I found several interesting old posts including this look at Rocketo creator Frank Espinosa.


More awesomeness from Kyle Baker's Plastic Man #20, further proving that I suck for not supporting it when it was coming out.

Like Kalinara, I haven't been all that excited about Green Arrow and Black Canary's getting married. I'll explain why not another time. But once Kalinara's done drinking the Kool-Aid, I'll ask her to pass the pitcher this way. I'm into it now for all the reasons she mentioned.

Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me

The only Grey's Anatomy cast member fired has been Isaiah Washington. Everyone else has been invited back for next season.

In that same link, former Gilmore Girls executive producer David Rosenthal has been hired as consulting producer for Men in Trees. Which makes total sense seeing how the tone of both shows is so similar.

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