Thursday, June 29, 2006

We thank you for your help, Baltar. Your time is at an end.

Cross-posted from Comic World News:

Newsarama's got an interview with Rick Remender about the upcoming comic based on the classic version of Battlestar Galactica. Two interesting things come out of it.

One, Remender's been purposely not watching the new version of the show on the SciFi channel in order to keep himself untainted. He's heard good things and is curious, but he's suffering for his art. Good man.

Second, the comic series will be placed "between existing episodes of the show" and will "fit perfectly into continuity." That's also pretty cool.

Remender's the right man for this job. Anyone who's heard him talk about the reason he created Fear Agent knows that. What I'm obsessively curious about -- and can't believe Newsarama dropped the ball and didn't ask -- is whether or not Remender's going to explain how Baltar the Betrayer (for whom Remender's got "big plans") was beheaded in the two-hour pilot and inexplicably re-appeared with his head in the regular series.

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West said...


Sounds like someone at Newsarama isn't as big of a fan as you are.


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