Monday, April 24, 2006

Katee Spoils Some More

A little while ago I linked to an article that talked about Katee Sackhoff's slipping some Battlestar Galactica Season Three details in a radio interview. She ain't done yet.

In that interview, she talked about her hair and boinking. In a recent interview on the set of White Noise 2 (in which she'll be co-starring with Nathan "Firefly" Fillion, by the way) she elaborated on both of those topics.

She also defended her once calling BSG a soap opera. "It is a soap opera; she's sleeping with every goddamn guy on the show. Is that not a soap opera? I'm sorry. And she loves every one of them. I mean, like, obviously it's a soap opera."

Click the link to get to the spoilers.

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RUDY said...

Love the quote. So LOL.


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