Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Devil Inside and Other Stories

I'll have a couple of new things to show at MicroCon on Sunday. One is a couple of issues I wrote for Adam Yeater's Rob and Doc mini-comic about a couple of slacker aliens. I managed to work in the Cownt.

The other is a mini-comic I did with Paul (Proof of Concept) Tucker called The Devil Inside. It's a five-page horror story plus some previews of other stuff I've got coming out.

You can get all three mini-comics for one buckarooni.


Jessica Hickman said...

The type looks great! I'm surprised you put my name on the cover. ^_^

Michael May said...

I know the cover artist doesn't usually get a credit, but I figured you'll be selling some too and will be nearby at the con, so why the heck not. :)


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