Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Awww, HELL naw!

I've only read the comics adaptation of I Am Legend, but it was a scary piece of work and deserves to be made into a genuinely scary film. That's why I'm concerned about the news that Will Smith has been tapped to star in it.

I like Will Smith movies, but in the same way I like, say, Pepsi. I enjoy it while I'm drinking it, but I don't really think a lot about it afterwards. A good horror movie should stick with you for a while. If this is going to be a standard Will Smith action movie, I'm disappointed in the same way I was when I learned he was attached to I, Robot.

Although, friends I trust tell me that there actually was some substance to I, Robot, so I should be careful about judging.


Anonymous said...

Substance to I, ROBOT? Not unless you call Will Smith escaping from an exploding house by using a door as a surfboard, all while saving a kitty cat. I don't.

Michael May said...

HA! That's... just sad. Or funny.

I think what my friends were trying to tell me was that some of Asimov's thinking on society's relationship with technology was relatively intact.


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