Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Movie-Watching in 2021

Before getting into all the movies from 2021 that I saw, here's a look at my movie-watching overall last year according to my activity on Letterboxd:
  • I watched a total of 335 films, which is way down from the previous two years, but I started watching a lot more TV series in 2021. My movie average was just under 28 a month or just over 6 a week.
  • The first movie I saw last year was a rewatch of Wonder Woman to get ready to see Wonder Woman 1984.
  • The last movie I saw last year was Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • I didn't watch any movie more than twice last year, but there were a few that I did that with. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and The Suicide Squad were the only two that I did it just because I wanted to see them again. The others were all movies that I watched for a podcast, but the recording was rescheduled, so I watched them again just before we actually recorded.
  • 56 (or about 17%) of the movies I saw were actually from 2021. That's higher than normal for me. I usually skew a lot heavier into older films by over 90%.
  • 194 of them (about 58%) were films I watched for the first time (or at least had never recorded on Letterboxd before). That's right around normal for me.
  • Samuel L Jackson was my most watched actor with 10 films, thanks to several MCU re-watches, but also Kong: Skull IslandThe Hitman’s Bodyguard, and first-time watch The Protégé.
  • Other actors I watched a lot of were folks from the MCU and Fast and Furious movies, so the only surprise on my Most Watched Actors list was Donald Sutherland. He's due in part to a Hunger Games binge, but also Kelly’s HeroesMax Dugan Returns, and The Castle of the Living Dead.
  • My most watched director was Justin Lin thanks again to the Fast and Furious series. Chloé Zhao, the Russo Brothers, lucha libre director Federico Curiel (thanks to the lucha libre podcast I was on), and Michael Curtiz were all right behind Lin with four movies each. Curtiz was the only sort of naturally recurring one. The others are all because of series, except for Zhao and she's because I purposely marathoned her stuff before seeing Eternals. The Curtiz films I watched were The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex and The Sea Hawk (both because I was watching Elizabethan films), The Adventures of Robin Hood (for After Lunch), and my annual re-watch of White Christmas.
  • Kevin Feige was my top producer at 22 films.
  • But Marvel was not the movie studio I watched most of. It was tied for second with MGM with 21 films each. My most-watched studio was Universal with 28 films. The Fast and Furious series helped a lot with that, as did the Halloween movies, but there are a lot of random films in that list, too.
  • Chris Morgan and Henry James were tied for my Most Watched Writer at 7 films each. Morgan's a writer for the Fast and Furious series. James wrote the novel The Turn of the Screw, which I watched a lot of adaptations of.
  • Over the Garden Wall was the thing I saw that's most liked by other Letterboxd users.
  • The thing I watched that was least liked by other Letterboxd users was Halloween: Resurrection. And I agree with them.
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home is the most popular movie that I saw last year.
  • The most obscure movie I watched was a 1965 Italian Biblical epic called I Grandi Condottieri. It's basically an anthology film with the stories of Gideon and Samson connected only through some inelegant narration. Both stories have good actors creating relatable versions of their characters, though. And the whole project must have had a decent budget too if the sets and large casts of extras are an indication. I liked it just fine.

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