Monday, September 13, 2021

AfterLunch | Climax! "Casino Royale"

In the first of a series of James Bond episodes, Rob and I are joined by Karen Flieger to talk about Bond's first screen appearance in 1954's Climax! TV adaptation of Casino Royale. How watchable is "Card Sense" Jimmy Bond's team up with Clarence Leiter to take down Peter Lorre? Grab a seat at the table and we'll be glad to deal you in.

Download or listen to the episode here.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I read of this odd experiment one always longs to see a timeline showing the adventures & misadventures of American TV Bond - on and offscreen - running parallel to his much, much more famous cinematic version(s).

I don't have many firm ideas behind this rough concept, but the most blatantly obvious notion to explore is a Jimmy Bond TV movie version of THUNDERBALL (doubtless exploiting the same loophole as NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN); Mr May, might I please ask if you have any ideas for what sort of cast this All American TV Bond movie would deserve?

(OH! It also seem sensible to suggest that American TV Bond would not have free access to characters from the books, since EON are likely to block access to them - so they'll probably have to use ersatz EVERYTHING or their own, novel creations).

Michael May said...

Ha! I love this and I'm game. One question: Do I need to keep Barry Sullivan to be consistent with Climax! or can I recast him with another American TV actor?

Anonymous said...

Mr May, I'm glad this little idea caught your interest and hope you'll enjoy the challenge!

For the record, my assumption was that you had the same freedom to re-cast actors as EON has enjoyed in its film series ... oh God, oh Good Glory, please tell me the American TV Actor you're planning to bring in for TV Bond is the Mighty Adam West? (If memory serves he was actually offered the role of Bond, James Bond by EON itself at one point, but either declined or was declined).

No, no, please finish your cast list/article first - I'd like you to enjoy all the time to noodle around and finish the challenge to your own satisfaction first, rather than tie you down or pick your brains while they're trying to do something more useful than cater to my own indefatigable curiosity.

Please allow me to wish you every ounce of fun this little thought exercise can afford and all the Best!


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