Monday, January 21, 2019

Movie-Watching in 2018

Before we get into the pathetically small number of 2018 movies I watched in the year of their release, here are some notes on my movie-watching in general last year. This is all collected from the super helpful Letterboxd where I keep a running log of what I'm watching and it feeds back cool statistics.

I only watched 34 movies that were released in 2018, but I watched another 350 movies from earlier years. That's an average of 32 a month or 7.4 per week. It's 643.3 hours of film. I should point out though that I log everything I watch that Letterboxd will let me. That doesn't include ongoing TV series, but it does include a lot of mini-series and TV specials (especially Christmas ones).

182 of my 384 movies were first watches. Meaning that 202 were rewatches.

The first movie I watched last year was Spaceballs. The last was the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series. The one with Colin Firth.

My most watched actor last year was Samuel L Jackson due to rewatches of the Marvel and Star Wars films. I saw 15 films with Jackson in them.

After that it was Tom Cruise with 13 films. We rewatched the Mission: Impossible movies last year, but we've also been working through other Cruise films from his whole career.

There's a tie for third place (11 movies each) with Frank Oz and Anthony Daniels thanks to that Star Wars rewatch, but also some Muppets stuff that helped Oz catch up with Daniels.

Ron Perlman and Doug Jones tied for fourth place with 9 movies each. That's mostly due to our watching Guillermo del Toro's filmography last year, plus some other odds and ends.

Fifth place was another tie: Paul Bettany (thanks, Marvel movies) and voice actor Paul Frees who's in pretty much every Christmas special we watch annually. 8 movies each for those guys.

And just behind them at 7 movies apiece is Sidney Poitier and Kenny Baker. Baker from the Star Wars movies, of course, and Poitier just because I got on a kick of watching a bunch of his stuff.

Thanks to Christmas specials, Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr were my most watched directors at 12 "films." Behind them though is Guillermo del Toro at 10.

Bill Melendez (king of the Peanuts holiday specials), Robert Zemeckis, and George Lucas are tied for third place with 4 movies each. And fourth place was Jon Favreau, Ed Wood, Christopher McQuarrie, and Wes Ball (from the Maze Runner series) at 3 each.

The movie I watched that was most liked by other Letterboxd users was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It had an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The movie I watched that was least liked by other Letterboxd users was called Future World. It's a 2018 movie, so I'll tell you what I thought of it, but it has an average Letterboxd rating of 1.6 stars.

The movie I watched that was most watched by other Letterboxd users was Baby Driver. And the movie I watched that was least watched by other Letterboxd users was an indie Christmas movie from 2007 called Noelle. I didn't really care for it.

And speaking of not caring for things, come back Wednesday when I'll start counting down the 2018 films I watched, starting with the bottom of the barrel.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

You should have called this post "Movies by the Numbers" what with all the stats you have here!

It is neat to be able to see the results and trends in your viewing habits rather than just reminisce through the "oh that was good" of recent memory.


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