Thursday, January 17, 2019

Fourth Chair Army Invasion | Batman ’43

Fourth Chair Army Invasion is now a monthly feature on the Nerd Lunch feed, and to kick that off Evan Hanson, Jay Ryan, Paxton Holley, and I hang out in the sinister Bats Cave, talking about the first screen appearance of the Dark Knight in the 1943 serial, Batman. There are thrills and there are shudders, but mostly there’s a lot of laughter as we spelunk deep into the Caped Crusader’s history.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Batman with both hands on his chin at a desk in a dark cave all alone... looks like he's about to start a podcast!

I am shocked I hadn't watched this before, especially with the ease it was to find on YouTube. Then I was more shocked by the content itself, though i did get through quite a bit. Values Dissonance and all that.

My experience with classic Doctor Who has taught me to appreciate serials by watching them a little at a time rather than binge watching. Let it build up in your brain for a little while before getting back into it.

I was expecting it to be more like the Adam West series. The story goes that William Dozier saw this serial during a screening at the Playboy Mansion were the attendees laughed at it the whole night which inspired Dozier to produce the Batman TV series. Certainly explains their cliffhanger format.

Michael May said...

The Doctor Who comparison is good. Those six-episode storylines can be super repetitive.


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