Friday, April 07, 2017

Happy Birthday, Hellbent for Letterbox!

Hellbent for Letterbox hit its one-year anniversary in February and we celebrated (by which I mean that we didn't mention it at all) by recording a pretty cool double-feature focused on the twin Wyatt Earp movies from 1993 and '94.

In the first episode, and after a brief in memoriam for Bill Paxton, Pax and I joined up with my pal and historical-adventure comics writer/artist Chris Schweizer (The Crogan Adventures) to talk about Tombstone. Chris brought his extensive knowledge of the original script and the turbulent making of the film. We discussed what works, what doesn't, and how the movie got that way.

And in "Whatchoo Been Westernin'?" we covered Jeff Guinn's Earp book The Last Gunfight, the recent Western episode of Timeless, and a couple of not-so-recent episodes of Tales of Wells Fargo.

Chris was kind enough to stick around for the second episode as well, in which we talked about Lawrence Kasdan's 1994 biopic starring Kevin Costner and Dennis Quaid. We discussed some of the history of the movie, Costner in general during the mid '90s, and we compared the movie a lot to Tombstone. It's a good, juicy discussion.

And in "Whatchoo Been Westernin'," there was quite a bit of Zorro talk, but also a Manifest Destiny update and Chris introduced us to the TV show Yancy Derringer.

And finally, a lot of our discussion with Chris happened outside of the shows we recorded, so we also put out a mini, Hitchin' Post episode where we talked about a bunch of different Western movies and books.

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