Friday, July 08, 2016

When the legend becomes fact, podcast the legend

In the most recent episode of Hellbent for Letterbox, Pax and I discussed John Ford's The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance starring Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Vera Miles, Lee Van Cleef, and Woody Strode. Before we talk about the movie though, Pax goes over the comics Galveston and Manifest Destiny, and I share an issue of Kid Colt Outlaw, the novel The Last Mountain Man by William W Johnstone, and The Big Trail starring a young John Wayne.

Check it out below or on iTunes, GooglePlay, Podbean, SoundCloud, and now Stitcher! Pretty much wherever you find podcasts, you can now find us. We also have a new Facebook page, if you're into that. (I'll be expanding Mystery Movie Night's availability too once the new episode drops in a couple of weeks.)

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I had seen Liberty Valence for the first time just before you picked it for this podcast so this has easily been my favorite episode thus far just because it was so fresh in my head. That and while I enjoyed the film I did have similar feeling on how the ending so it was great to get that off my guest by proxy.

This also gave me some insight into the mind of Paxton Holley as well. If we're both about to show up for Mystery Movie Night next week I suspect we'll have a difference of opinion on black and white movies.


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