Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This month was JanuMAYry at Nerd Lunch

I used the term "embarrassment of riches" at some point this month to describe my experience podcasting four weeks in a row with the Nerd Lunch crew, and that's pretty accurate. I love those guys and Kay and one of the many highlights of 2015 for me was getting to talk our way through the Star Wars movies. So starting off 2016 by joining the show four weeks in a row for various topics was indeed a rich blessing. I'm a little sheepish about taking up time that other guests could have been on, but regret nothing. That was crazy fun.

We wrapped up the Star Wars discussion (for now) with Pax, Kay, and I discussing the Star Wars EU books and comics and then the whole panel convening to cover The Force Awakens. But I'd also wondered out loud about the possibility of being on this year's Nerdstradamus episode, because I love annual predictions episodes (Pop Culture Happy Hour does that too, for example). And Jeeg was awesome and made that happen. As schedules would have it, that fell right after the Force Awakens episode, so the fellas decided to just go for it and have me on all month. Today, the final episode of the tetralogy dropped, in which I join CT, Pax, and one of my favorite Nerd Lunch guests, William Bruce West to talk about Undeserving TV Revivals.

I interpreted "undeserving" to indicate a lack of clamoring from the current public, but my pick was a show that was super popular in its day and I'd love to see it come back. CT went sort of that same route, while Pax and William went with shows that weren't all that loved even in their heyday. I'll leave it for you to discover in the episode what our choices were.

You can hear all four of the recent episodes in the links above or embedded below. Or on iTunes or wherever else you like to listen to podcasts.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

And to think you said you were still getting your podcast legs, now look at you!

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