Wednesday, December 02, 2015

His Usual Melancholy Tavern | Classics Illustrated #53 (1948)

Unsurprisingly, Classics Illustrated cuts the part about dinner and has Scrooge go straight home. It does mention though that Scrooge inhabits a set of rooms instead of a whole house, but not that the other rooms are all offices. It also adds that Scrooge's suite used to belong to Marley.

It doesn't show us much of the building though, simply saying that it's in "a dreary section of the town." Not much room for showing in this comic.

Classics Illustrated does add one thing to the scene and that's a reminder that Scrooge thinks Christmas is a humbug. In Dickens, Scrooge isn't obsessing about the holiday, but here it's still very much on his mind.


Wings1295 said...

Maybe reading too much into it, but as he says it, he is looking off away from his house. Like one last look at the Christmas happening in the world and tossing a final Humbug at it before retiring to his own solitary night.

Michael May said...

Good observation! You got me wondering if he's secretly jealous of the merry-makers, but that doesn't fit with how he's been portrayed so far. This Scrooge feels truly mean. I think you're right and that he's just tossing out one final "f* you" to the world before withdrawing.


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