Friday, November 22, 2013

Panels for Primates (with a story by me) available for pre-order on ComiXology

A while back Simon Roy (Prophet) and I contributed a very short, but action-packed short story to the Panels for Primates webcomic anthology. For those not familiar, Panels for Primates was a charity comic to raise money for the Primate Rescue Center in Kentucky. It was free to read, but the intention was that if the ape and monkey stories moved or entertained you at all, you were invited to contribute.

As a huge fan of these animals, I was thrilled when editor Troy Wilson invited me to work with Simon who helped me pack a ton of action into two pages, including giant cephalopods, tiki-men, a sinister elephant, a mad tortoise, slime-monsters, werewolves, mummies, giant monsters, giant robots, and dinosaur-riding gorillas. Our story also featured that most famous of Kentucky primates, Daniel Baboon, whom I really want to do more with one of these days.

Panels for Primates is no longer available for free for the exact reason that it's being published by Monkeybrain on comiXology with proceeds still going to benefit the Primate Rescue Center. There are actually two editions: a version for grown-ups and a kids version called Panels for Primates Junior. Not that the grown-up version is necessarily dark and gruesome. Simon and my story is all-ages appropriate and appears in the grown-up version, but Junior is particularly geared towards kids.

Both editions will be available to read on November 25, but can be pre-ordered now. And in addition to the stories from the webcomic there are also brand new primate stories by people like John Byrne, Jeff Lemire, Douglas Rushkoff, Jamie Delano, Molly Crabapple, and J. Bone. It promises to be a great read for an even greater cause.

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