Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lois Lane: Septuplet?

There sure were a lot of women running around the DCU looking exactly like Lois Lane in the Golden Age. I counted seven in just four, consecutive issues of Action Comics. Maybe Lucy isn't Lois' only sister.

Take this random victim from Action #17, for instance.

Or this telephone operator from the same issue.

Here's a blackmailer from Action Comics #18.

And Lois from Action #18, for comparison.

This librarian from Action Comics #19 looks like maybe she's seen that nurse before.

And check out this murderous actor in Action Comics #20.

The homicidal headliner has an interesting story, by the way. She's Dolores Winters, but when she commits her crimes, it's not longer Dolores' mind controlling her body. It's the evil scientist Ultra whom Superman thought he murdered at the end of Action #19. As she explains to Superman, her henchmen revived her...

Interesting that Ultra specifically instructed (at the time) "his" henchmen to put his brain in a female body. That makes Ultra an intentionally transgender character. I've known for a long time that Ultra spent time in a female body, but always assumed that was accidental. Ultra's super interesting and I'm actually not looking forward to her being replaced by Lex Luthor as Superman's main villain. Especially now that she looks exactly like the woman to whom Superman is most attracted in the world. I'm guessing no one's ever followed up on that thread though.

Something else interesting about Ultra in this story is how Superman figures out what happened.

That's quite a leap of logic, Superman, but it turns out he's right. Those eyes don't lie.

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Paxton said...

Superman has his own set of "crazy eyes" in that last reveal.


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