Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Frankenstein: Wolverine and the Missing Campfire

Campfire's Frankenstein (2010)

Campfire's adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles wasn't particularly inspired and I feel the same way about their Frankenstein. But though there's nothing new here for hardcore fans of the Monster or comics in general, it wouldn't be a bad adaptation to hand someone who's curious about Frankenstein, but intimidated by the prospect of reading the novel. It's longer (and so, fuller in detail) than Steve Niles Little Books of Horror version and the art is closer than Fantasy Classics to what new readers might expect from the story. I certainly wouldn't recommend it over those books to people who are familiar with Shelley's tale and/or comics art, but for a novice audience, Campfire's version gets the job done.

Days Missing #2 (2010)

Based on an unproduced Gene Roddenberry concept, Days Missing is about an alien who watches over humanity and intervenes when necessary to make historical course-corrections and ensure our species' survival. In the second issue, the Steward visits the nineteenth century and prevents the creation of a real-life Frankenstein Monster. Mary Shelley's around to witness it and though the Steward erases her memory of it, she carries the experience in her subconscious until that night at Villa Diodati. Days Missing is a great series that represents the best of what Roddenberry was about.

Wolverine and the X-Men (2012)

This is cheating in a couple of ways. Not only is it not out yet, it's about a version we've already covered. I just think it's cool that as I'm wrapping up this series, Marvel's announcing the return of their version of the Monster to one of their major books. Not only that, but the book is an heir to the one in which the Monster (or a version of him) first appeared in the Marvel Universe. I don't know if the Monster's joining the team or just showing up for one story, but I'm excited to find out which.

And that finishes off this series. There were a ton of versions I left out, from the other version of Dracula vs Frankenstein (thanks to Mike DeStasio for emailing me about that one) and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter to Bikini Frankenstein and Blackenstein. We could easily do another 31 Days of Frankenstein next year if we wanted, but this year's list gave me plenty of material to add to my reading list and viewing queue. Hopefully it did the same for you.

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