Friday, May 20, 2011

Come see me at SpringCon this weekend

I'll be at SpringCon all weekend with copies of the very limited edition Kill All Monsters! ashcan. The book collects all of Chapter One and looks pretty cool in its widescreen format. Come get one!

There's obviously a lot more to see than just me though. I haven't been keeping up with the Guest List very well before now, but I just looked at it and there are (as usual) all sorts of great makers of comics coming. I hate naming names for fear of leaving people out, but when folks like Howard Chaykin, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and Trina Robbins are going to be there, you can't help getting excited about it. It should be a great time as always.


Ken O said...

Pssh. Michael May is at the top of every guest list he is on.

Seriously, have fun sir. Wish I could go.

Michael May said...

You're swell. Thanks!

Jay said...

I will be there for sure to pick up a copy of KAM!

Michael May said...

Woo Hoo!


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