Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Trouble

If you're wondering where Wednesday and Thursday's posts went (I sure did), Blogger apparently had a problem early this morning and in trying to fix it, temporarily removed all posts since Wednesday am. They tell us that they're now restoring those posts and expect to be back to normal soon. 

I'm going to trust them and not repost those two items myself.

Update: And they're back. Yay!


Ken O said...

Fun stuff huh? My Thursday post disappeared, hopefully it'll come back.

Siskoid said...

Me too! I have txt documents will all my Hamlet stuff and all my Supermen, but not the one-offs. So I was afraid at first I'd lost my rambling post on Doctor Who's pirate episode. But it's back and all is well.

Dmarie said...

my Thursday post just disappeared too. glad to know it's a Blogger problem and not some bug on my own computer. thanks for this post!!


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