Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Atlantis Journal: Pirate Parenting, Argonaut movies, Aquaman vs. Sub-Mariner, new Hawaii Five-0, and more

Guide to Pirate Parenting

At last there's help for those of us who want to raise our children to be scurvy sea dogs. Includes: "Top 10 reasons to raise your children as pirates" and "Top 10 traits that show your new baby has great potential to be a pirate" amongst other great lists and tips.

My favorite from that second list: "When mom’s water broke, the baby yelled, 'I sail with the tide!'"

The Argonauts

There are a couple of Jason and the Argonauts movies in the works. One is a retelling of the myth by Zak Penn; the other is a Dreamworks film about a group of modern-day treasure hunters who find the wreck of the Argo and are transported to ancient Greece.

Iron Chef Japan's Sea Monster Week

If I hadn't fallen so far behind in blogging this week, you would've been able to learn how to prepare fresh Kraken. Sorry about that.

Aquaman vs. Sub-Mariner

Caleb observes that though Sub-Mariner has been around longer and is the more interesting character, Aquaman has won the battle for popular consciousness.

Hawaii Five-2.0

/Film reports that a sequel series to Hawaii Five-O is in the works. "The new series will focus of Chris McGarrett, a Hawaiian cop and son of Steve McGarrett." Just don't screw with the theme song, fellas. Jazz it up if you must, but make damn sure it's recognizable. That'll make or break this thing.

Savage Land action figures

ToyFare has the review and some good pics.


Robert Hood takes a look at the underappreciated technique of depicting dinosaurs in the '60s: sticking fake frills and horns on real monitor lizards. It was a horrible technique and a drastic step back from the stop-motion used in the preceding decades, but there's still something kind of stupidly charming about it, no?

Shadow Bridge

I don't know how much sea adventure goes on in Gregory Frost's Shadow Bridge and Lord Tophet, but the two-book series has a cool setting at least: an ocean world criss-crossed with spans and bridges. My friend Shara Saunsaucie liked both books, so I'm curious now.

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