Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Atlantis Journal: Pirate dinner, sea shows, Bioshock movie, and the Phantom on TV

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirate-themed, interactive dinner theater. Sure beats watching The Music Man while you eat.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Christopher Mills has the review. Makes me want to see how Netflix is stocked on that, Man from Atlantis, and SeaQuest. (Pretty well, it turns out, except for Man from Atlantis.)

What other underwater shows do I need to revisit? Don't say Flipper.

Bioshock movie

While looking over Hollywood's slate of upcoming steampunk movies, i09 ranks the Bioshock one pretty high on the excitement meter, mentioning a Jules Verne influence and an underwater city.

Because I'd do nothing else if I played video games, I try to stay away from them, so I don't know much about Bioshock except that I'm tired of hearing ignorant fans cry "rip off" every time they a deep sea diving suit somewhere else. But "Verne" and "underwater city" certainly get my attention.

New Phantom TV show

Daniel Knauf (Carnivale) and his son Charles have pitched a four-hour Phantom TV movie to the Sci Fi Channel in hopes that it'll eventually become a TV series. A Phantom TV show from the creator of Carnivale sounds pretty good to me in concept, but I'm skeptical about their decision to update the character.

They sound like they're keeping enough of my favorite elements (the skull rings, the guns, the Jungle Patrol) that I don't entirely dispair. But making him an orphan who discovers his Phantom lineage and turning the Singh Brotherhood into corporate bad guys conjures up bad memories of Sci Fi's horrible Flash Gordon series. And with no mention in the article of the horse or the wolf... well, I'm nervous.


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