Monday, March 13, 2006

Charles Vess and the Book of Ballads

I loves me some Charles Vess. I first heard about him from his collaboration with Neil Gaiman on Stardust, but it was his work on Rose, a prequel to Jeff Smith's wonderful Bone series, that first turned me onto him. It was Vess who finally got me off my butt to read Peter Pan.

"Magical" isn't a word I use to describe a lot of art, but it's fitting in Vess's case. His linework is as delicate as Elvin caligraphy and he loads his fantasy scenes with such detail that you have to stop and spend time with each one. Makes for a long, but oh-so-satisfying reading experience.

Anyway, Vess has collaborated with some of his best writing- buddies to create The Book of Ballads. In addition to Gaiman and Smith, Vess illustrates a story by Jane Yolen as well as some other folks whom I don't know yet, but am very much looking forward to meeting.

If you don't know Charles Vess, click on any of the links in this post and get yourself introduced. If you do know him, you already know you want a copy of The Book of Ballads.

(Thanks to Bookgasm for the heads up.)

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