Friday, March 24, 2006

Battlestar Galactica: The Comic Book

Wanna see some art from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica comic? I thought you would.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of the interior art yet, but at least we know that the covers are going to be pretty. This is by cover artist Steve McNiven. The interior stuff will be by a guy named Nigel Raynor.

The series will be written by Greg Pak, and if you're curious about his take on the show, there's a good interview with him at Comic Book Resources. The first story will be set in between the first and second seasons: after the return from Kobol and before the return of the Pegasus. According to Pak: "In our first issue... the Galactica discovers a group of human survivors in a small Medivac ship under attack by Cylons. Adama suspects a Cylon plot. But Roslin points to the Sacred Scrolls, which contain an ancient prophecy: 'The dead shall return in an ark of fire.' Who are the 'Returners?' Will they unite or divide the fleet -- and heal or break the heart of Commander Adama?"

My experience with comics based on TV shows is that they're often not very exciting. They're usually not allowed to change the show's status quo, so that robs them of all their drama. I'd think this would be especially true of a show like Battlestar Galactica, which is so daring in its willingness to take risks, screw around with its characters, and resist getting itself into a rut. I'm gonna try it out though. Pak is a respected writer and he says he's got good things in store, especially for Dualla and Gaeta in particular. Keeping an open mind.


Anonymous said...

Dynamite Entertainment is going to kick this series off with a special issue that'll cost you a mere 25 cents. It will also include a preview of another property they're doing, The Lone Ranger.

RUDY said...

Too true. That cover is amazing. Being an art crazed person myself, I'v always found comic art interesting and covers like this is why.

Thanks for the cover viewing.

Michael May said...

"It will also include a preview of another property they're doing, The Lone Ranger."

That's cool! I'm very excited to see what they do with the Lone Ranger.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...thanks for posting the art! You'll have to tell me how you like this thing, and keep me posted. (On this and more Serenity Comics news!)

Grant Gould said...

i'll definitely give this comic a chance (you know how insanely in love with battlestar i am.. there's no way i could avoid this one).

i'm not crazy about that cover art. but hey, i'll definitely buy the book. hopefully they won't do five variant covers per issue.

i'm preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. yeah :)


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