Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Movies I Missed in 2015: Part 3

21. Victoria

I don't know much about the story and even less about the creators, but the whole movie is shot in one, continuous take and I hear it's an amazing experience.

22. The Final Girls

Not to be confused with Final Girl, which also came out this year. Okay, to be totally confused with it, so here's the difference. That one has Abigail Breslin and is sort of Hanna meets The Most Dangerous Game. It looks like an awesome thriller more than a horror movie.

This one is a straight-up horror/comedy in the tradition of Scream and The Cabin in the Woods. Taissa Farmiga and her friends get pulled into a slasher flick and have to survive, using their knowledge of the film and the genre in general. Looks pretty funny and I still want to watch it as a double-feature with Breslin's movie.

23. Our Brand is Crisis

Totally love Sandra Bullock. Often love Billy Bob Thornton. Our Brand is Crisis was really poorly reviewed, but the trailer looked funny to me.

24. The Peanuts Movie

I've heard nothing but good things. I love the Peanuts when they're done right and by all accounts this is them done right.

25. Spotlight

I wasn't interested at first, because I thought that the focus was going to be on the scandal and I'm done processing that story. I didn't think there was a new angle that would make me think about it in a different way. My understanding now though is that Spotlight is about journalism in general and is the best movie in that genre since (and possibly including) All the President's Men. That plus the cast makes me very eager to see it.

26. Trumbo

Another great cast and what looks like a really fun performance by Bryan Cranston.

27. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

I missed Mockingjay, Part 1 last year due to life and never found time to re-watch everything before this one came out. And... I enjoyed the first two movies, but neither of them grabbed hold of me in a powerful way. Probably because I read the books. This is why I usually wait to read the books until after I've seen the movie. I tend to enjoy both versions more when I do it that way.

Anyway, I do plan to finish the movies, but not until this last one hits home video.
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