Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

My online pal, author Kelly Sedinger, recently found a new example of the best blogging tool ever: one of those blog quizzes. I've always loved these things, whether they were passed around in a notebook in middle school or a super easy way to create blog content. So, I'm doing it, too.

1. Do you like your handwriting? 

I like it when I slow down and make it legible. I tend to write quickly in a dumb attempt to keep up with my thoughts, but that never turns out well. If I slow down and actually draw the letters, I have a nice style.

2. Do you like roller coasters?

They aren't my favorite kind of ride and I'm not trustful of them in cheaper amusement parks. The issue isn't that I think I might get seriously injured, but just with how jerked around I'm going to be. A roller coaster can have a relatively smooth ride and also be exciting. Those are the ones I like.

3. Do you like scary movies? 

You bet. The thing I always feel like I have to explain though is that I don't find gore or cats jumping out of closets scary. When people ask if I'm a horror fan, I say that I am, but with a big old asterisk. I love old dark houses and sinister ghosts. It's even better if there's a mystery to uncover. A well-told ghost story is truly scary to me and I'm into it.

4. Do you like shopping? 

It's necessary and I don't hate it, but I don't get any actual pleasure from it either. Most of the time, I shop with a list and I'm just working the list to get done as efficiently as possible.

There are exceptions though like shopping for presents at Christmastime. I love going to a shop with only a general idea of what I'm looking to get for someone and then surprising myself.

A similar circumstance is shopping bookstores. I love browsing a big used bookstore and seeing what kind of treasures pop up. Or even at a new bookstore, I like just looking around at tables and staff recommendations and seeing if anything jumps out at me.

5. Do you like to talk on the phone?

Not so much anymore. Phone calls are in a weird, seldom used territory for me. If I just want to exchange information, a text is great. If I want to spend time connecting with someone, I prefer a video chat. Sometimes... rarely... I need to exchange information that's too complex for a text, but can still be done quickly, so that's where the phone comes in.

6. Do you sleep with the lights on or off? 

Off, but I'm not especially picky. I've always been able to sleep pretty much anywhere. It's my superpower.

7. Do you use headphones or earphones?

I have headphones for recording and editing podcasts, but I always wear a pair of wireless earphones that I can plug into my head whenever. They're the kind that are wired to each other and form a necklace when I'm not using them. Love those things.

8. Do you have tattoos? Do you want any?

I don't and I don't. This might be a generational thing, but the permanency is a turnoff. I have a strong suspicion that if I were to get one, I'd change my mind about it later and then what was the point? There are other forms of self-expression that I like a lot more.

9. Do you wear glasses?

I have since I was eight. I hated it for years and years, but have long since gotten used to it. At some point I tried contacts, but hated how high maintenance they are, so I went back to glasses super quickly. My current pair are lightweight and I love how I don't even have to think about them. 

10. What is your strangest talent?

I drive away all supernatural beings with my mere presence. I would love to be proved wrong and learn that this isn't an actual talent, but that I've just led a boring life because all the ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot had better things to do than bother me. But so far nothing has challenged the theory that it's actually me keeping them away.

11. Have you ever been in the hospital? 

I mean, aside from the countless times visiting other people, the one time I was there for myself was when my gall bladder went bad. I spent a few hours in the emergency room discovering the joys of morphine, and then went back a few days later for the actual surgery.

12. What color mostly dominates your wardrobe?

Black. Blue is a close runner up, but purple has been making more of an appearance lately.

13. What’s your most expensive piece of clothing?

I don't know. None of my shirts are cheap, but I don't have a single, really expensive shirt anymore. I like cool colors and patterns on shirts, but I'm pretty no frills when it comes to fabric. I just want it to be comfortable and easy to clean. My pants are mostly blue jeans.

14. Have you ever had braces?

Nope. Glasses was trauma enough as a kid, I guess.

15. Have you ever been on TV?

Not that I can remember. I've participated in some vox pop stuff for local news, but I don't recall if my part made it to air. Same with any crowd shots I may have been in at a convention or something. Seems like I remember being places where TV cameras were present, but I don't have a specific memory of seeing myself on TV.

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