Friday, September 27, 2019

Fairy Tale Friday | Fables, Part 4: A Two-Part Caper

Picking up the Fairy Tale Characters in Other Genres format again, Fables #12-13 contained what it called "a two-part caper." The arc itself didn't have a name, but the individual issues were titled "A Sharp Operation" and "Dirty Business."

The plot is that a newspaper reporter has been watching the Fables community and thinks he's figured out their secret. He threatens to expose them, but when he presents his evidence to Bigby Wolf (hoping to get more details in an interview), it's clear that he's on the wrong track. He knows the community is immortal and has some kind of supernatural abilities. He assumes they're vampires.

Either way, Bigby isn't taking chances on a story getting out that will bring unwanted attention to the community. So he assembles a heist team to steal the reporter's evidence and make sure he has nothing to write about.

The team consists mostly of characters we've already met: Prince Charming, Jack, Bluebeard, Little Boy Blue, and Flycatcher (the Frog Prince). But in addition to them, Bigby adds Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty, for a particular gift she possesses. I won't spoil how it goes, but it's a fun caper and raises tension by having Bluebeard strongly disagree with Bigby's methods. There's an intense confrontation; I'll just leave it at that. Repercussions are foreshadowed.

Sadly, Snow sits this one out as she's still recuperating from the events at the end of the "Animal Farm" arc.

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