Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Thanks, Jack!

Jack Tyler is a writer of cool steampunk stories as well as just a cool, enthusiastic and encouraging fellow himself. On his website lately, he's been blogging about other writers he's enjoying and he gave a very lovely shout out to me:
Michael’s blog posts and podcasts are more discussions than recommendations. They go heavily into depth, and they talk about virtually every aspect of the culture we’re surrounded by every waking moment.
Thank you so much, Jack. I have a great time doing this and it means a lot when folks let me know that they appreciate it.

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Jack Tyler said...

And my thanks to you as well, Michael! The blog you have linked to is brand new, just two weeks old, and I'm trying to build a following in preparation for the book series contract I am (I hope!) close to landing with Kyanite Publishing. A mention on a major site like this is worth more than gold to that endeavor, and again, you have my deepest thanks. All the best to you going forward!

Read well, and write better,
~ Jack "Blimprider" Tyler


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