Friday, May 10, 2019

'Casting Off | Crusoe (2008)

After a long, unintended hiatus, 'Casting Off is back with a quick episode where David and I talk about the 2008 TV series Crusoe starring Philip Winchester, Tongayi Chirisa, Sam Neill, and Sean Bean.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Sounds like David & I are on the same track for not liking duplicitous, backstabbing characters. I couldn’t finish Breaking Bad so I don’t think I could start Game of Thrones.

Eager to hear what David thinks of Jaws. I saw in the year 2000 when I would have been about 10 years old. I was alright for the first half and thought “this is no big deal”, but anytime the shark’s head pops up in the second half I was hiding behind the couch!

Michael May said...

I'm curious to see how David responds to Jaws, too. He's not crazy about horror movies, but Jaws isn't a typical horror movie and there are many ways in which it isn't one at all. And it's not like we live near the ocean, so it's okay if he decides never to go into the water again.


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