Monday, March 18, 2019

Filthy Horrors | Ghost Stories

Darla, Jess, and I eat at a haunted restaurant then talk about three of our favorite ghost movies: Poltergeist (1982), The Orphanage (2007), and The Woman in Black (2012).



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

A haunted brothel turned restaurant? Thats a whole movie in itself! "Ghost Whores" There I just sold it on the title alone. You three are all producers now!

I've lived in at least one building that was allegedly haunted. I'm skeptical when it comes to such things but been one or two moments that have given me pause. While theres been little evidence I do think it would be foolish to dismiss the existence of supernatural forces at work in unseen ways.

Love Poltergeist. Saw it again on Halloween, then it popped up on Netflix in February. I have the spider leg ghost on my desktop wallpaper now. It gave me an idea for a funny connection for Mystery Movie Night, but the other two related titles aren't even in the same ballpark for quality.

As for what have I been horror-ing, I'm re-reading the complete Hellboy collection. I binged through it during the summer of 2017, but now I want to go through all of it again to let it all sink it.
I got bit by the "creator bug" recently and it got me digging through all my 90s independent comics. Hellboy is easily head and shoulders above anything else that was coming out at that time!
Mike Mignola's art is about as far removed from my own as possible, but I feel theres so much I can learn from his minimalism and atmosphere.

Spook ya' later! (That's my vote for closing line!)
Happy Hauntings! (thats my runner up!)

Michael May said...

I need to re-read and catch up on Hellboy. I fell behind at some point.

Have you been reading BPRD, too? I especially love the Guy Davis issues in that series.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'm going through the trade paperback collection that just collected the major Hellboy miniseries and short stories. I wouldn't mind sneaking a peek at the spin off books though.


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