Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Dragonfly Ripple | The Incredible Hulk (2008)

David and I talk about David's introduction to one of his favorite superheroes and how the movie connects to the '78 TV series, Ang Lee's Hulk, and the rest of the Marvel MCU.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I jokingly referred to this one as "The EdNortonable Hulk" or "The Watchable Hulk" if I'm feeling disingenuous.

I actually like the idea of Hulk using improvised shields. It feels like the filmmakers were trying to distance themselves from the public perception of the Hulk as just dumb muscle/ animal mentality by giving him some reasoning skills and took use.

What I don't like is the design of the Hulk. Something about it feels off. His face feels like an anime character than a human face. This design looks more like the Giants from the anime series "Attack on Titan" especially with that brawl between two human monsters at the end.

Eric Bana had a baby face and Ruffalo's body is more like a gorilla which softens them up but makes them seem more appealing.


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