Friday, August 03, 2018

Fourth Chair Army Invasion | Dukescussion

Growing up in the South, my family was glued to The Dukes of Hazzard every week. On the most recent episode of Nerd Lunch's Fourth Chair Army InvasionEvan Hanson, William Bruce West, Rob Graham, and I take a good, long look at the first season, trying to figure out what holds up and what doesn’t have the sense the good Lord promised a turkey.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This is one of those gaps I had previously alluded to my non genre television viewing. Dukes was just something I knew about the orange charger with the Confederate flag making jumps. Sounds like it's a little more complex than I would have surmised but perhaps that's more to do with the series finding its place and settling before it all starts to "blend together" as William put it.

Thanks for the more through education on this property. I suppose this first entry puts us one step closer to that ever elusive drill down on the Coy and Vance years.


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