Wednesday, September 06, 2017

While I Was Out: N3rd World and Nerds United

I was on a couple of different podcasts that came out while I was in Britain. First was the latest episode of N3rd World where we talked about James Bond (including this post about expanding the Bond Movie Universe), role-playing games, remaking classic monster movies, and Star Trek, among other things.

And I was also on an episode of Nerds United to talk about Kill All Monsters, my current feelings about Marvel Comics, and whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. That was a fun conversation, so many thanks to Greg Mehochko for having me on.


Jack Tyler said...

Welcome home!

Jack Tyler said...

Had great fun with the n3rd world podcast, and highly recommend it to any casual visitor that checks in here, but I was sad to find that there is no place to leave comments, and the Facebook page doesn't work. Oh well. Good job, anyway.


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