Friday, July 07, 2017

This Weekend is CONvergence. Here's my schedule.

The Twin Cities' big science fiction/fantasy convention, CONvergence, is this weekend. I had such a good time getting my feet wet last year, so I'm back this year on some more panels. I'm on fewer than last time, but I'm moderating all of them. Here's my schedule, so I hope you'll come see me!

Saturday, July 8

2:00pm - Movie Year in Review (DoubleTree Bloomington)
Panelists: Alex Musial, Matt Gamble, Michael May (mod), Norman Cates, Melissa Kaercher
From indie darlings to foreign films to big-budget blockbusters, let's discuss everything from the last year of film.

3:30pm - Dungeon Apprentice: How to be a Great Dungeon Master (DoubleTree Plaza 3)
Panelists: Brian Casey, Michael May (mod), Kenneth Justiniano, Nat Morse-Noland, Kristin Daley
Ever wanted to run your own D&D game but never dared take on the role of Dungeon Master? Experienced dungeon masters will provide beginner tips for hosting a great night of D&D and share their stories of how and why certain campaigns went terribly wrong.

Sunday, July 9

9:30am - Parenting in Troubled Times (DoubleTree Plaza 3)
Panelists: Anj Olsen, Vetnita Anderson, Michael May (mod), Peter Larsen, Katarina Larsen
Our world seems beset by unsolvable problems and unwinnable battles, from Global Climate Change to the rise of Fascism. How can we, as parents, raise socially aware children without passing along our fears and worries to the next generation?

3:30pm - Aging Poorly: Pop Culture and the Test of Time (DoubleTree Atrium 6)
Panelists: Kevin Eldridge, Rick Ellis, Dana Baird, Michael May (mod), AlysshaRose Jordan
Is Seinfeld as funny as you remember? Is The Dark Crystal really that good or is it just the nostalgia talking? Why do The Beatles persist while Falco falters? What makes something timeless and how can today's pop culture avoid aging poorly?

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