Friday, June 02, 2017

Dragonfly Ripple | Talking with Guests Rob & Delaney

The most recent episode of Dragonfly Ripple was an especially cool one with a brand new format. Carlin and I invited Rob Graham to come on the show with his daughter Delaney to bring a new perspective on nerd parenting. After we talked with Rob for a bit about his philosophy, Delaney, Annaliese, and David joined in to talk about Star Trek, the Star Wars radio dramas, and Walt Disney World. Then in an extra special segment, the kids took over the show to ask each other some fun questions inspired by Star Wars, Harry Potter, and MST3K. The kids also took over Jetpack Tiger when Annaliese interviwed Dash about Minecraft. Then we closed with the whole gang designing our own pop culture theme park rides.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

And what a new perspective it brought! Rob's talk of skipping around certain episodes got me thinking about how I would share a series with another person. Obviously I would want to share and revisit the best episodes but if I were watching with a child I might want to slip in some of the sub par or adequate episodes as a lesson in decrement. A reminder that just because the series is good as a whole does not mean every episode is going to be perfect and it could be a good opportunity to discuss why do you think this episode wasn't as good as the ones that we've watched before?

It's a chance to form articulation and how best to present your opinion.

Michael May said...

I totally agree as a general philosophy, though with David, there were episodes of TNG that we skipped and they got mentioned on the DF episode: "Angel One" and "Code of Honor." I have a high tolerance for bad episodes, but those exceed mine and I just didn't want to watch them again. They also don't build the world in any way.

And if I was reading David right, he wasn't as fully into TNG as he was TOS, so I wanted to lower the barrier to his enjoyment as much as possible. With TOS, he's already all in, so I feel more comfortable showing him everything.


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