Friday, May 19, 2017

Mystery Movie Night | Point Blank (1967), The Phantom (1996), and The Village (2004)

Are you ready for controversy? In the latest episode of Mystery Movie Night, Dave, David, and I are joined by very special guest Jeff Somogyi (Nerd Lunch Presents Down the Rabbit Hole) to talk about some divisive movies. We question Lee Marvin's murder skills, M Night Shyamalan's storytelling skills, and Billy Zane's... pronunciation of "refuse?" Okay, we don't question much about Billy Zane, but there may be another element or two in The Phantom that make us wonder. Check out the great discussion and see if you can guess the secret connection between the movies before it's revealed.

00:02:19 - Review of Point Blank

00:34:54 - Review of The Phantom

01:03:20 - Review of The Village

01:47:00 - Guessing the Connection


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I thought for sure someone would mention how the poster for The Village is nearly identical to the one for Shyamalan's The Visit, but then again after Jeff was done chewing the movie up I'm not sure there was anything left to say!

Anonymous said...

The Village - if the village elders were really that smart they would have known that their plan could not possibly work.

I saw The Village almost by mistake. Once I recognized it for what it was I simply wanted to know if my guess as to the ending was correct. MNS makes me feel so smart because I usually know from the trailer where the movie is going; Unbreakable is the exception but I didn't like it any better than the others I had seen. I've not seen The Visit but I do like offering to let young people (abt 15 - of an age with my son) crawl inside my oven to clean it. I even offered one some cookies. I've had no takers yet (it's okay - they would never fit).

Michael May said...

Erik, you're our go-to guy for those connections. We miss you already!

Emma, that's hilarious. Especially the cookie part. :D


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