Friday, January 06, 2017

Celebrating Wonder Woman and Giving Dead People Work at Nerd Lunch

Between 31 Days of Gothic Romance in October and Christmas Carol stuff in December (with my now-annual Non-Blogging November in between), I completely whiffed on mentioning a couple of episodes of Nerd Lunch that I was on.

In October, Stacey Rader and I joined CT and Pax to discuss Wonder Woman for her 75th birthday. I was also on the 75th anniversary discussions of Superman and Batman, so it made me really happy to complete the DC trinity. And really, Wonder Woman is the one I most looked forward to discussing. I love Superman and Batman, but they aren't that complex. Wonder Woman is. That's why I've written about her pretty extensively to try to figure her out. And we talk about that on the episode, too.

In November, I was back on again for my first shot at one of Nerd Lunch's recurring topics: "Give that Guy Some Work." That's usually where they pick some under-used actors and imagine the kinds of projects that they'd love to see those people work in together. This time, in the spirit of 2016, CT modified the topic to "Give that Dead Guy Some Work." I won't spoil the episode for you, but the image below suggests just one of the three amazing concepts that CT, Jeeg, Andrew Bloom, and I came up with.

Click on the links above to listen, or better yet, subscribe to Nerd Lunch on your favorite podcast listening platform.

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