Friday, September 30, 2016

Myself in Three Fictional Characters

Tomorrow's October, which means that this blog is going to turn towards Halloween and if I'm going to do that Three Fictional Characters meme, I'd better do it today.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This make for a unique pop culture challenge for sure. Bilbo I get because he's writing about adventure all the time. Santa makes sense in light of your new job. Green Arrow the one were I'm having trouble filling in the gaps. Would you care to elaborate?

Michael May said...

Green Arrow and Bilbo are similar in that they both represent inner conflicts that I struggle with. Bilbo's a writer, too, of course, which is a huge reason I picked him, but pre-Hobbit Bilbo was also a guy who craved adventure almost as much as he was afraid of how it would wreck his comfortable life. I totally relate to that.

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen is a guy who's been blessed with a lot and is trying to figure out what responsibility he has to less fortunate people. He knows he has a responsibility and he feels it deeply, but he waffles on what that looks like in practical terms.


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