Thursday, February 11, 2016

Introducing: The Mystery Movie Night podcast!

So the podcasting bug. I've caught it bad.

In addition to Dragonfly Ripple and Starmageddon, I've helped start a couple of more shows and there's talk about a fifth. And then that'll be it, I promise. I'm tempted to give you details about shows Four and Five, but I'll hold off until those are ready. One of them will be very soon.

Show Three though is done and the first episode available. It's called Mystery Movie Night and it features myself, my pal Erik Johnson (who created our awesome logo and that marquee above), my brother Mark, my brother-in-law Dave, and my son David. The concept is that one of us picks three movies that all have a secret element in common. It could be anything: an actor, a character, a prop, etc. We discuss all three movies then try to guess the common thing. That's the Mystery, and there's even a way for listeners to play along, but really it's just an excuse to share and talk about movies.

This month, we watched Stagecoach (1939), She's Having a Baby, and Star Trek (2009). And I realized how nice it is that we have such a broad range of ages on our panel. You have old farts like me, slightly younger farts like Mark and Dave, fresh young bucks like Erik, and a bona-fide whipper-snapper in David. That gives us some different perspectives and we'll try to diversify even more down the road by adding some guests once we know what we're doing.

It'll be an every month or so thing and I'm pretty excited about it, so I hope you'll give it a listen. You can do that below or by subscribing to on iTunes. I'd love it if you did that second one. This is gonna be fun and that way you won't miss an episode.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Believe me, I am just as excited! Thanks for having me on board!

Really looking forward to our next episode!

Michael May said...

Me too! Finding a copy of The Lion King is proving more challenging than I thought, but I think I can borrow it from someone.

I think I have the connection figured out. If I'm right, I may need to give David some help, but I think I can do that by showing him some other movies (without mentioning why) and see if he can make that leap on his own. It's been fun to think about!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Glad to hear you're making it a family thing.

Though it's funny that I choose The Lion King because it was on Netflix streaming at the time of our last episode. No sooner do I say "Hey let's watch that!" It disappears! Maybe I can swing by the library and see if they have a copy amongst their free kids movies.

Michael May said...

Yeah, something must be going on with that one. Netflix had the DVD available, but as a Very Long Wait. I put it in my queue and it's since been moved to the Saved queue, which means that they don't currently have the DVD, but will let me know when it's available.


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