Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nerd Lunch's Star Wars drill-down

Following up on our Setting the Table episode last fall, the Nerd Lunch fellas invited Kay and me (now officially known as Kay and May) back to talk more Star Wars. I'm always down for that subject, but I was especially looking forward to this particular discussion about the first movie. Not only was it an excuse to watch it a couple of more times (once for the theatrical cut and once for the Special Edition), but I also knew that talking about it with this particular group of people was going to be a treat. And it was.

We talk about our favorite characters (I was surprised that mine's changed recently) and scenes and about the trouble with making the movie fit with all the stuff that came later. Is Star Wars best watched as its own thing or as part of the larger series? We hash all that out.

Give it a listen!

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