Wednesday, April 01, 2015

David the World-Builder

My son David is working on finding his voice - and his medium - but he's a storyteller. As are most kids, I think, but he's always coming up with ideas that he wants to get out into the world. He makes his own comics to sell at our local convention and he's also interested in filmmaking and creating worlds for games.

He and his friends create their own, elaborate Pokémon cities for no other reason than to share them with each other and have another way to talk about the game. But David is also super into tabletop RPGs and is working on developing one himself. That's the map to his world, above, and it's so full of awesome places that I wanted to share it. Can't wait to see where he ends up taking his talent, because I want to play in the worlds he's building.


Black Vulmea said...

I want to raise my sword and shield and explore that world RIGHT NOW! Awesome work.

Michael May said...

Thanks! I'm so proud of him.


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