Monday, September 29, 2014

FallCon is this Saturday!

If you live in or near Minneapolis/St Paul, I hope you're making plans to come to FallCon on Saturday. I'll be there with Kill All Monsters books and posters and a few other things, but even if you've already got what you need, please stop by and say "hi" anyway. It makes the day go by and you know I love to see you.

My wife Diane and son David will also be there. Diane will be the one decorating kids' faces with superhero and other nerd stuff. David will have issues of his Hulkasaurus mini-comics and plans to debut a new anthology of short strips. He showed me one of them and I LOLed all over it, so it's good stuff. Not that I'm biased.


Jeffrywith1e said...

I'll be there, too! taking the kiddos

Michael May said...

Yay! See you there!


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