Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quote of the Day | Kelly Sedinger on Goldfinger

I'm of the view that you can't really talk about Bond today without coming to some kind of grips with the sexism of the series – particularly that of the first bunch of films, and maybe even all of them – but it was still frustrating to hear Goldfinger discussed pretty much only in those terms, because, well, there's an awful lot wrong with Goldfinger apart from the sexism.
--Writer and online pal Kelly Sedinger responds to the James Bonding podcast and describes my exact feelings about the movie Goldfinger.

I'll go into more detail when we get there, which also goes for the other Bond films Kelly mentions, but I did share a couple of my thoughts about the James Bonding show in the comments. Kelly's written an awesome, thorough post and you should go read it. If you like Bond, there's plenty to respond to even if you haven't listened to James Bonding.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I was listening to James Bonding back at the start of the year (And it appears they've only released two episodes since the last time I listened).

I skipped over the Goldfinger episode because of all the talk about sexism, it just wasn't fun to listen to, it the same way that it was fun hearing the hosts nitpicking all the other flaws and camp elements of the early films.

Michael May said...

Yeah. The Matts nitpick, but they do it with obvious love. I despise the misogynist elements of Bond too, but it's from the standpoint of "I want this to be better," not "This whole series is terrible."


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