Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kill All Monsters at The Source this weekend!

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day! As usual, I'll be spending it at The Source Comics and Games, but this year I won't just be picking up a stack of free comics and taking advantage of the store's huge sale. I'll also have a table with copies of Kill All Monsters.

KAM will be for sale, but I do have some awesome prints to give away with every purchase of the book. So... Free Comic Book-Inspired Art Day, I guess? And of course I'll be happy to sign any copies that you already have for absolutely zero dollars. Whatever the situation, if you're in the area, I hope you'll come by and say hello whether you buy anything or not. My wife Diane will also be there face painting; also not for free, but super fun. She's great at superhero faces, logos, Pokemon, and pretty much anything geeky and cool. If she can find a reference for it, she can put it on your cheek and make it look amazing.

As long as I'm writing about appearances, I should quickly mention that C2E2 was a great success. I got to spend the whole weekend hanging out with Jason and a bunch of other friends, both old and new, whom I don't want to list because I'll forget someone important. But we sold a bunch a books and talked to a lot of kaiju fans, all of whom never fail to humble me with their vastly superior knowledge of giant monsters and robots. If I talked to you last weekend, please know that I loved it and look forward doing it again as soon as possible.

Jason sets up before the show

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