Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daily Panel | Batman stays at the best hotels

Detective Comics #31 and 32 make up one of my favorite Batman stories of all time. In No. 31, Batman's fiance, Julie is kidnapped by a hooded villain called the Monk and taken to Hungary for mysterious purposes. No. 32 reveals that the Monk is actually a vampire, and he's not working alone. The woman Batman's carrying above is either under the Monk's power as well or is working with him. There's some question about it in the story, so I won't spoil which.

The "Carlathan" Mountains of Hungary are a perfect setting for a Batman tale. I mean, even the hotel is awesomely gothic and creepy. Add in the vampires, the werewolves they control, a horse-drawn coach, and Batman swinging everywhere on the rope ladder attached to his Bat-gyro, and it's just about perfect. Also note that Batman's gloves are now at a more familiar length. That changed with this story as well.

By this time (starting with Detective #30) Sheldon Moldoff was helping Bob Kane on inks, so the panel above (from Detective #32) is by Gardner Fox, Kane, and Moldoff.

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