Monday, January 28, 2013

Kill All Monsters, Alterna Comics, and Kickstarter

Here's the final, lettered cover of Kill All Monsters, Volume 1: Ruins of Paris. You might notice the Alterna logo in the lower, right hand corner, which is something that we haven't really said a whole lot about yet. I want to clarify a little about that and why - even though we have a publisher - we'll still be holding a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing.

First of all, Jason and I are both thrilled that Alterna is the official publisher of Volume 1. They publish some cool genre stuff like The Secret Adventures of Houdini and New York Times bestseller, FUBAR, so we feel like we're in good company there. Also, we retain 100% ownership of Kill All Monsters and give up no rights or money if the comic ever gets adapted to other media.

The reason we still need to do a Kickstarter campaign though is that Alterna's not a traditional publisher. As their website explains, creators pay for their own print runs and for shipping books to distributors. For Alterna's cut of the profits, they handle all the pre-press, coordinate with the printer, and get the book distributed through Diamond, comiXology, and a few other channels so that the book will be available in comics stores, bookstores, and on mobile devices. Basically, it's like self-publishing, but with the benefit of Alterna's experience in the business side of getting comics to market. Frankly, a couple of rookies like us are thrilled to have the help.

More info as I get it, but right now, I'm just excited that the book's moving closer and closer to becoming something we can hold in our hands.

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