Monday, November 05, 2012

Adventureblog slow-down (and Kill All Monsters! news)

Now that we're out of October and Halloween, I need to slow things down around here a little. Life's been extremely hectic for the last six weeks or so (not just because of Countdown to Halloween) and my writing has suffered for it. I've got to figure out a way to cut some corners. For at least the month of November, I'm gonna cut back to three posts a week here.

In December, my plan is to continue the Christmas Carol series I started last year, so I'll probably need to ramp up temporarily then, but my hope is to cut back in general on the amount of time blogging requires from me. I have other writing commitments that I need to fulfill and slowing down here will help me do that.

One of the things I've got to dig into is work some more on Kickstarter. If you follow the Kill All Monsters! Facebook page, you know that Jason and I are planning a Kickstarter campaign. What we didn't mention there is that the campaign would fund the printing of the first volume of the complete Kill All Monsters! graphic novel. We've got the first half (over 120 pages of story) totally done, so rather than make people wait for the whole thing, we're going to print up what we have as we continue working on the second half.

But first we've got to fund it, and before we do that, I've got to finish getting it set up. I've been talking to some friends who've run successful Kickstarter campaigns (and will be talking to more), so I think I've got a good understanding of what we need to do. Now I have to actually get in and do it. Finalize rewards, make a video, all that stuff. If you'd like to suggest rewards for backer levels, we're collecting those on the Facebook page or you can mention them in the comments here.

So that's what's going on with me. What's going on with you?


Wings1295 said...

Nothing going on here at the level there, that's for sure! Good luck with the Kickstarter!

And no worries on the blogging, we'll all be here whenever!

Michael May said...

You're awesome, Joe. Thanks!

Ken O said...

Let's see. I'm one month into the F'ing Monkey webcomic experiment. We're going to be dry running a podcast recording this week or next week.

Take the break you need man. You had like two posts a day for a whole month. Relax, we'll all still be here.

The KAM Kickstarter sounds great.

As always, you have my axe.

Michael May said...

Are you guys starting a podcast?!

Ken O said...

Yeah, we're going to put Brandon's years of Radio experience to use. We're going to record a test episode and then the first downloadable one should be out at the end of this month or beginning of December. I wanted to push us into new things, like the Kid Largo strips it might not work but I want to at least try.

Michael May said...

That's cool! If you ever want another voice on the show with you, let me know!


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