Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What do e-book fans do at signings?

Urban fantasy author Dianna Love brings up an interesting problem concerning readers of digital books. What do they do at author signings?

In a press release for her new Keeper Kase product, Love mentions that e-book fans can feel alienated at appearances because they have nothing for her to sign. Sometimes they'll offer her a piece of paper or let her sign their e-readers, but she imagines that many want a better solution.

Her answer is Keeper Kase, a line of 4x6, signable book covers that fit easily into a photo album, but I'm really not posting this as an advertisement. I mean, if you're a fan of Dianna Love and prefer digital books to print, then obviously this is good information for you, but the reason I'm bringing it up is because I'd never thought about it before. As a reader, I haven't converted to digital books yet, but I imagine that I will before too long and Love made me stop to wonder how I'll handle book signings.

My first guess is that if I like an author enough to attend a signing, I'll want to buy a physical copy of her book and have her sign it. Even if I've already got a digital copy, I'll want the memento of the meeting and won't mind finding some shelf space for it in my overcrowded library. Others will feel differently and Love's solution may be exactly what they're looking for. As a fan of great cover art, I can see the appeal in having an album full of attractive, signed covers of my favorite books.

That's why I'm posting this. If you're a fan of digital comics or books, how do you (or do you imagine you will) handle signings?


Mike D. said...

wow, great question. I would have the author sign a cocktail napkin and then use it occasionally to clean my fire

Yankeejetsfan said...

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I love it. I read books and comics on it as well as watch movie, sports games and yes, cartoons. I'm glad I got one for Christmas, cause I never would ave bought one otherwise.

I love the idea of Keeper Kase. I already send out 4x6 pics out for autographs, so this would fit in perfectly for me. Where would you get a Keeper Kase? Would the author hand you one when you go to a signing? Do you have to pay for one at the signing?


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