Thursday, June 28, 2012

On a personal note...

Oops. I disappeared there for a day or two.

Life is happening to me right now in a potentially good way, but it's making things hectic and creating a lot of running around. I'll get back on schedule as soon as possible.

How are you?


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

A bit cranky. Michigan's heating up, temperatures are getting in the 90s. I can handle the cold, but not so much the heat. Decided to take a break and watch "Blade Runner" in the cool basement. Much better now.

I've got a couple new commissions that I'm working on, but its going a bit slowly. Hopefully things will pick up with the proper focus and dedication.

Thanks for asking.

Wings1295 said...

Glad to hear things are going well, potentially very well! Hope it keeps up!

Okay here. Busy life around me, even if mine isn't so much. Have a grandchild coming in the Fall! And I am getting very close to hitting the 40 pounds lost mark. Woohoo! :)

Michael May said...

Erik, I hear you about the heat. Our house is over 100 years old, so no air conditioning. The radiators pump out awesome heat, so we're comfy in the winter, but always have to suffer through the worst part of summer with a couple of window AC units.

Joe, congratulations! On the grandchild AND the weight loss. That's great news!

Neal Kristopher said...

Good luck on your potential! I hope it involves giant monsters.

Life is good up here in Maine - Rainy and green is better than hot and humid any day in my book, and speaking of that, I finally got my book back from the editor. One final revision run and it'll FINALLY be finished. Very excited.

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Michael May said...

Congratulations, Neal! That's very cool and exciting.


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