Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SHE-ZAM: So what's Mary Marvel's new name?

Though it's the sad end to a very long era, I'm not all that upset by DC's scrapping the Captain Marvel name and officially naming the character Shazam. I'm disappointed, but it's not New Disappointment. I'm disappointed that DC ever got their hands on the character in the first place; a much bigger issue to me than their salvaging what they can from him now that they've messed him up so badly.

To be clear, their ruining him isn't a recent thing, but a long, complicated story that goes back to the '70s and the exact moment they decided to acquire him. They've never known what to do with him and the word "Marvel" being so prominent in his name hasn't helped their marketing. They've ended up with a character better known for his catch-phrase than his name.

The question I have - and here's where I have the potential to be more upset - is how this will affect the other members of the Marvel Family. If there's no Captain Marvel, what becomes of Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr? Do they exist in the DCnU and if so, what are their names?

Suggestions? Do you care?


Jeff Moore said...

Well, Shazam Junior obviously ... and "SHE-zam?"

Michael May said...

You beat me to it! SHE-ZAM popped into my head last night after I went to bed, but I didn't get back to editing the title until just now. Well done. :)

Ken O said...

Really after that mess where she was turned evil with the peek-a-boo top maybe it would be better for everyone involved if DC didn't bring her into the new 52.

Michael May said...

I hear you; I just don't want that to be my last memory of her. There's an opportunity to do her right, even if she has a weird name.

Mitchell Craig said...

I see it as part of DC's continuing war on fun in comics.

David Rose said...

So will this mean that *none* of the characters in the new Shazam family can say their own names?

The Marvel Family are some of my favorite characters. I sure do feel like a curmudgeon here, but it doesn't seem like DC can do anything right lately.

ben c said...

"I see it as part of DC's continuing war on fun in comics."

it's hardly a war if they've already won

Anonymous said...

It's really disappointing that DC would totally ruin the Marvel Family, and strip these characters of such a rich history. Captain Marvel has always been one of my favorite characters, not just because he was potentially stronger and more powerful than Supetman, but of his childlike innocence. DC tainted that with Mary's turn to the dark side. Now they've eliminated the characters completely. The only character that seems to have remained the same in the New 52 is Black Adam. I must admit, he is the baddest villain of all time.


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