Friday, April 24, 2009

Writing is Hard: Marketing Should Be Fun

Jessica Faust from BookEnds literary agency talks about marketing for authors. Her most practical advice is around building your website and what you should make sure to include. I've been thinking about doing something with my old site, which I pretty much abandoned once I started using this blog regularly. I'll be taking Faust's suggestions into heavy consideration as I do that. (Feel free to check it out now if you're curious, but I've just gotten started on it and there's not much to see. I don't even like the format as it is now.)

Other than that, Faust's perspective is that trinkets and whatnot are useless clutter unless you really enjoy using them and passing them out. For her, they're a delivery system for getting out and meeting potential customers. It's the meeting that really sells you and the book. That makes a lot of sense to me, so as I'm considering future marketing ideas, I'll try to avoid doing something just because everyone else is and concentrate on stuff that I personally think is cool.

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